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Created by the Alabama Legislature in 1994, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) is the state agency that serves Alabamians with disabilities from birth throughout their lives. Our “continuum of care” approach means that help is here at every stage of a person’s life.

Services are provided by our four main programs through 25 community offices, reaching residents in all 67 counties.

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The mission of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services is “to enable children and adults with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.”

Each program has different eligibility criteria, but generally each program is designed to assist people with disabilities and their families.

Types of services vary according to each program and may include assessments, environmental or equipment modifications, specialized therapies, family support and counseling, assistive technology, training and more. Our program staff works with each individual to find the best plan of action for their unique needs; often taking a multi-disciplinary approach working in tandem with other programs. One department. One Mission.

Not generally, but some programs may require a consumer to participate in the costs of a rehabilitation service.

Services are available in all 67 Alabama counties.

To apply or make a referral for services, contact the office serving your area by using the Office Locations feature of this website or call the ADRS toll free number: 800.441.7607


ADRS State Office
602 S. Lawrence St.
Montgomery, AL 36104
P: (334) 293-7500
TFN: 800-441-7607
FAX: (334) 293-7383


Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Hotline


1-888-574-2257 (TTY)