Traumatic Brain Injury and Schools

Since the complications resulting from brain injury are so varied and diffuse, it is often difficult to predict a student’s recovery or determine exactly what areas of learning will be affected.  Depending on the location and severity of the injury, many areas of learning can be impacted.  The environment in which a student is learning can also have a significant impact.

There are numerous evaluations and tests that can be conducted to help determine at what educational level the student is functioning and which areas or skills have been most affected.  Reports from these evaluations can be especially helpful in determining methods to maximize the student’s successes and rate of progress. While many tests may already have been done before the child returns to school, the student may need to be re-evaluated.

Some students with brain injury may exhibit similar behaviors as those with other disabilities, which can often lead to an incorrect classification and consequently incorrect compensation strategies.  It is important to note the differences so that students can be properly classified and receive the supports and assistance they need.