Alabama Scholarship for Dependents of Blind Parents

The Blind Services Division of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services administers the Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents / Textbook Benefits for Dependents of Blind Parents.  

To be eligible for this program an applicant must be an Alabama resident for at least five years; be from a family in which the head of household is blind and whose family income is at or below 1.3 times the current poverty income level, as determined by federal poverty guidelines based on family size; and begin attending an Alabama public college, university or trade school within 2 years after high school graduation but before the age of 23.

The Institution of Higher Learning waives tuition and instructional fees.  The amount applicant is provided for textbooks is contingent upon the number of participants in the program.  This scholarship is renewable up to four standard academic years of nine months each; however, recipients must reapply each year.  

For applications and additional information regarding this program, contact Dana Barber, coordinator of Blind Services, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, 31 Arnold St., Talladega, AL 35160; call 334.293.7315 (Montgomery office) or 256-761-6825 (Talladega office); or e-mail Dana Barber