Camp SAVI (Seniors Adapting to Visual Impairment)
Camp SAVI logo Sitting around a table, ADRS staff teach a class on home management. At Camp Savi 2015, VRTs Jane Bush and Victoria Young show support persons various types of lighting. VRT Jane Bush explains to support persons blue light's dangers to the visually impaired. Light filtering glasses like these help minimize glare and improve contrast sensitivity. A Camp SAVI 2015 participant tries to tell the difference between two shoes using tactile cues. VR Counselor Joey Richey shows a participant how to distinguish one belt from another. Camp SAVI 2014 participants try to find cues in belts to assist in distinguishing one from another. VRT Jane Bush provides instruction on lighting and contrast at Camp SAVI 2015. A participant feels the tag in one shoe that is otherwise the same in design and size. A Camp SAVI participant feels around the belt loop to identify the belt. Dana Barber leads a class on personal management issues for women. Dana Barber and VRT Yolanda Burris discuss personal issues for women. An assortment of items that can be used to label items in the home. A participant shares her experiences with the group. Dana Barber applies foundation to her hands to help her know where she has applied it. VRT Dana Barber applies eye shadow, explaining the techniques she uses. VRT Dana Barber applies her eye shadow in the personal management class for women. The men have a discussion in their personal management class. Camp SAVI 2015 participants listen attentively to Dana Barber's instruction. Two participants discuss diabetes management issues. VRT Dana Barber instructs the women in techniques she uses to apply makeup. A Camp SAVI participant learns how to use tactile markings on the oven controls. VRT Jane Bush demonstrates to a participant how the position of lighting affects reading. Camp Savi 2014 participants raise their arms as they exercise.  Rehab Counselor Joey Richey leads Camp SAVI in chair exercises. Joey Richey explains to the group the essentials of exercise. Camp SAVI 2014 participants enjoy the exercise time provided by ADRS Counselor Joey Richey. Joey Richey leads Camp SAVI 2014 in raising their arms high in exercise. VRT Dana Barber instructs participants on how the Pen Friend can be used to label items. ADRS Rehab Counselor Joey Richey teaches a Camp SAVI participant how to ID clothes tactilely. VR Counselor Joey Richey provides instruction in personal management. VRT Jane Bush shows a Camp SAVI participant how to use an LED flashlight to identify a can. VRT Victoria Brown instructs someone in using tactile markings on the stove. A camp participant spreads pizza sauce to practice spreading techniques. VRT Jane Bush speaks with two participants about cooking techniques.

Camp SAVI, a partnership between OASIS and E.H. Gentry Technical Facility, is a weeklong camp designed to help older Alabamians adapt to vision loss.

Participants and their significant others spend the week at E.H. Gentry in Talladega, where they learn about independent living resources, techniques, skills, and assistive devices. Sessions cover health and exercise, personal care, safety, hearing loss, and technology.

Campers also receive small-group instruction on cooking, home management, lighting and contrast, and labeling and Braille. Support persons learn blindness etiquette, eating techniques, travel tips, and sighted guide skills. Evening activities include dining at various local restaurants, watching a descriptive video, and a final dinner as a group. 

To attend Camp SAVI, you must be an OASIS consumer. Spots are limited, so preference is given to those who have not received services previously or have experienced significant vision loss and need further training.

For information, contact Matthew Haynes at 205-290-4451.