Training and Technical Assistance

About STAR Training Services

STAR is committed to providing training and technical assistance to consumers statewide in support of state leadership activities of the State Plan. Since its inception, STAR has developed a number of training modules that respond to customer needs statewide. Training services provided by STAR staff can be custom-designed for specific groups and are delivered upon request.

STAR, in collaboration with one of its subcontract programs, T.A.S.C. (Technology Assistance for Special Consumers) has developed online and direct training modules to enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals with disabilities, family members, representatives of state and local educational agencies, early intervention programs, adult services programs, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, institutions of higher education, businesses, and other professionals.

Training activities will be conducted by STAR staff and T.A.S.C. upon request or as the need arises. Most training activities will be conducted primarily at the central site; however, on occasion, trainings will take place on location, at conferences, or through online live web-based and distance learning. Training will take into consideration all accessibility needs, and materials will be provided in alternate format upon request.

Several content-specific training modules include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Technology for Young Children
  • Assistive Technology for Students
  • Assistive Technology for Transition
  • Assistive Technology in the Employment Setting
  • Assistive Technology for Independent Living
  • Assistive Technology for an Aging Population
  • Funding for AT
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Reutilization of Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Technology for Employees and Employers

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About Technical Assistance

STAR provides direct and coordinated technical assistance to individuals, groups, agencies, and organizations upon request. STAR’s technical assistance activities focus on specific problem-solving to ensure the following: 1) appropriate access to and acquisition of AT; 2) the appropriate use and application of assistive technology devices; 3) assistive technology services, 4) AT-specific training to meet the individual needs of persons with disabilities. 

While it is difficult to determine the nature and volume of technical assistance requests, the primary focus will be directed toward problem solving and coordination with AT vendors and other specialized AT resources to produce positive AT solutions.

STAR, being housed within and under the auspices of  the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS), has the convenience and benefit of coordinating and collaborating technical assistance activities by using the following ADRS staff: rehabilitation engineering and technology specialists; rehabilitation teachers for the blind and visually impaired; orientation and mobility specialists; sign language interpreters; deaf support specialists; technology specialists for the deaf; speech pathologists; occupational and physical therapists. Additionally, STAR and ADRS have collaborative partnerships with the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB) and use its staff expertise on an as-needed basis.

Request STAR Technical Assistance

For more information, contact Helen Baker, executive director, at 334-293-7012.

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