Internship Program


The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services offers students the opportunity to participate in learning experiences within many of our programs. We also provide work experience for consumers and individuals who are eligible for employment in the field of rehabilitation.

For consideration, all requests for an internship, practicum, field placement, learning experience, observation or clinical rotation must be made to the agency’s recruitment specialist, Gwenea Jackson .  In addition to the forms below, a letter of recommendation from the academic advisor, sponsoring agency, or VR counselor should accompany forms.  The request should be received at least 60 days prior to the expected start date.  Requests may be submitted to Gwenea Jackson or P.O. Box 19888, Homewood, AL 35219-0888. She may also be reached at (205) 290-4515 or 1 800 671-6837.

Required forms include:

ADRS Internship Policy

Either form should be signed by the student/consumer and academic advisor/sponsoring agency and submitted to the recruitment specialist.

Background Check Form

ADRS will pay the processing fee for this check, and all information must be provided including notarization or information from two witnesses.

ADRS Confidentiality Form

Individuals requesting training must provide their signature in addition to the signature of a witness for either form.

Intern Contact Data

All known information should be completed with any special requests listed in the comments section.

Insurance Liability Verification

Confirmation of coverage can be verified by submitting a certificate of insurance in lieu of this form.